A busy if scary morning with Sgt. Chapman training the new Rowlands Gill Pals Battalion. The new troops (with a couple of Conscientious Objectors) however, made light work of various tasks and training exercises.

Lots of new information…how to fire a Lee Enfield rifle, how trenches are organised and why they are made in a zig-zag arrangement, the perils of trench foot, rats as big as cats and endless Bully Beef. The troops learned how to raid a trench and why French uniforms were particularly dangerous to wear, whilst casualties were triaged into the “hopeless cases” and the “merely malingering” by the Matron and nursing team behind the lines.

The “Putting on a Puttee” competition showed excellent dexterity and neatness from many of the soldiers.
Before a well earned lunch of lukewarm horse stew, hard biscuits and jam the troops got to view the Sgt’s fearsome collection of trench weapons.

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