The children had a great day at the Discovery Museum.
The first session the children took part in was the Blitzed workshop. The children were taken to a large 3D map of the River Tyne and surrounding area. The teacher asked them to look for reasons, the Germans would have wanted to bomb this area. The class came up with there were lots of ships and factories and the moonlight would have lit up the river helping them to see.
We then went passed the World War 2 house set up and the children were able to take a look at the Morrison air raid shelter. They then were taken into the museum classroom where there were artefacts for the children to see and guess their uses. There were car headlight and warden’s torch diffusers. There were gas masks and even a picture of a baby wearing one.
Next, the children were asked to look at the amount of food that would be given to an adult, per week as rations. The children were amazed at how little there was and even commented that the amount of butter for a week would be the same amount they would use on one slice of bread! They then worked in groups to try and make a meal plan for a whole week on the rations they had. They were given a ration book and had to go to the ‘shop’ and buy the ingredients they would need. They all agreed there was little food and it wasn’t very tasty either. However they were impressed at how healthy it was.
The second session was called Army Inventions. They children were sleek to try on different uniforms and how they have changed over the years. They then had a chance to use a braille machine to send coded messages.
After that, we all went into the inventions area where the children were given the scenario that they had to think of a problem that a soldier would have in the trenches past, present or future and they had to solve that problem. After brainstorming the situation, they were then let loose to build and create their solution using junk.
The children had a great day learning, exploring, problem solving and inventing. They told me it was a fantastic day and a great learning experience.
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