We asked Year 5 to do some homework for the Air Raid project. We asked them to talk to older family members and relatives and to bring in any famliy history or stories connected with either WW1 or WW2. You can see the results below. A great response. Well done Y5!

Click each image to enlarge and read.

My Great Grandad

served in Burma

My Great Grandad

fought on D-Day and was injured

Great Grandma and sister

killed in air raid

Great Grandad

mentioned in dispatches for bravery

Great Grandad

served in France

Great Great Uncle

lost on HMS Formidable in WW1


mother wouldn’t let him be evacuated

Great Great Grandad

captured by the Japanese


served in the Royal Navy

Great Nanna

rationing and Anderson Shelters

Great Great Grandad

owned ammunition factory

Great Grandma

relatives killed at Wilkinson’s

Air Raid Shelter

in our garden

Great Great Great Uncle

lost on SS Empire Gilbert 1942

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