The children listened carefully to the story of the Wilkinson’s Air Raid Disaster of 1941. A single bomb from a lone German bomber scored a direct hit on the air raid shelter in the basement of Wilkinson’s pop factory. 107 people were killed, 43 of them children under 16. It was one of the worst bombing incidents during war in the entire country. The shelter was only 400m from the site of the school.

They explored Luftwaffe wartime targets by looking at enemy maps of North Shields and then compared the intended targets with actual bombs dropped by analysing the Tynemouth Borough Bomb Map.

Later, they discussed a photo of a group of children gathered at the site of Wilkinson’s, a few days after the bombing. They were asked to consider what the children were doing there and what they might be thinking. Answers and ideas were added to large photo analysis sheets which could be used in class displays about the project.


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