A very good effort by Year 5 to create a living Zeppelin across both school yards.
With the Zeppelin’s length of 163.5m we found that that the school yard was 30m too short!
Still, we managed to create an outline of the huge airship using most of the actual dimensions of the L10. We even marked out the gondolas and (most importantly!) the machine gun team positions. It helped us appreciate how big these airships were…and how terrifying they must have seemed when the raids began.

Our drone, which we called “Droney”, struggled in the high winds. Bill the operator lost it for a few minutes as the wind carried it off out of sight towards the Tyne. Happliy Droney returned. We decided to cut short the Drone video capture because of the winds.

Check out our Living Zeppelin gallery below. We’ll add the drone film footage later.

Drone Shots



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