The first air raid on Britain came on the night January 19/20th 1915. The target was Hull but because of bad weather two Zeppelins dropped their bombs of Kings Lynn and Yarmouth, killing four people.

But this was not the first time that civilians became casualties. A month earlier, on the morning of December 16th 1914, three large German cruisers dodged the Royal Navy and fired on the East coast towns of Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool. In Hartlepool 112 people were killed and over 200 wounded, including many children on their way to school.

Panic was widespread and further attacks expected. This poster was hastily printed by Tynemouth Borough Council to give reassurance and advice. But perhaps it’s a little vague.

  • What advice would you give to the concerned people of Tynemouth and North Shields? Print out the unfinished poster and write down your ideas.


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